Tuesday, March 6, 2007 7:00 p.m.

Public Safety Building

3925 W Cedar Hills Drive, Cedar Hills, Utah

Present:           Mayor Mike McGee, Presiding

Council Members: Jim Perry, Gary Maxwell, Eric Richardson, Charelle Bowman, Joel Wright (8:40 p.m.)

                        Konrad Hildebrandt, City Manager

                        David Bunker, City Engineer

                        Rich Knapp, Finance Director

                        Rachel Brown, Finance Assistant

                        Courtney Hammond, City Meeting Transcriber

Others: Zonda Perry, Michael Perry, Haylie Perry, Brent Uibel, Karissa Neeley, Ken Cromar


1.         This meeting of the City Council of the City of Cedar Hills, having been posted throughout the City and the press notified, was called to order 7:08 p.m. by Mayor McGee.


Invocation given by C. Richardson


Pledge of Allegiance


2          Public Comments (7:10 p.m.)


No comments.

MOTION: C. Perry - To table Items #5 and #6. Seconded by C. Richardson.


C. Richardson stated that the items are being tabled because they require a Public Hearing.


Aye-C. Bowman

C. Maxwell

C. Perry

                                                                                    C. Richardson                         Motion passes.


3.         Minutes from the February 20, 2007, Public Hearing and Regular City Council Meeting (7:10 p.m.)


C. Richardson asked that the minutes show that he asked about the sewer swap, and David Bunker clarified that it was off the table.

MOTION: C. Perry - To approve the consent agenda, including C. Bowman’s prior amendments and C. Richardson’s mentioned amendments. Seconded by C. Bowman.


Aye-C. Bowman

C. Maxwell

C. Perry

                                                                                    C. Richardson                         Motion passes.


4.         Review/Action on Resolution Authorizing the Lease of Golf Carts (7:17 p.m.)

Staff Report:

See handouts. Konrad Hildebrandt stated that there are pros and cons to gas versus electric carts. Gas carts are louder and have less maintenance. Maintenance for electric carts requires proper water levels in the batteries and keeping dust out. The carts are under warranty for five years as long as the maintenance records are kept. The City attorney has reviewed and approved the contract. The insurance will remain the same. The contract does not have a non-appropriation clause, but the Intermountain representative has stated that the City could non-appropriate without repercussions after the second year. The source of the funds is called “Golf Course” and will be paid by golf course revenues. This lease is $6,000 more than the prior lease. This new lease is needed because the previous management company did not maintain the carts properly. The City is committed to maintaining the carts and getting the full five years out of the lease. The leasing company is giving the City new tires and windshields for the life of the lease. The useful life of carts is not much more than the five years. The City would likely lease again after the five years rather then paying the balloon amount and keeping the carts. C. Perry said that the City needs to have complete recognition of the wear and tear, etc. in order to see the full picture. The five-year warranty schedule is missing from the lease; it needs to be included in the contract. The warranty schedule also needs to include the tire and windshield replacement. From the time of completed paperwork, it will take two weeks for the carts to be delivered.

MOTION: C. Richardson - To table this issue based on the facts that (a) we do not have a written copy of the proposed resolution, and (b) we do not have the paperwork from Intermountain reflecting the terms we understood from the last discussion, including a written warranty that includes replacement tires and windshields. Seconded by C. Perry.


Aye-C. Bowman

C. Maxwell

C. Perry

                                                                                    C. Richardson                         Motion passes.


5.         Review/Action on Resolutions Adopting Impact Fees


Item tabled.


6.         Review/Action on Resolution Adopting Fees


Item tabled.


7.         Report on Fiscal Year 2008 Budget (July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008) (7:47 p.m.)

Staff Report:

See handouts. Rich Knapp reported on General Fund revenues.

          The growth related revenues are projected to be down 6.25%, with 75 new homes projected. So far there have been 80 new homes built this fiscal year.

          This year’s property taxes came in at $579,000. Next fiscal year is projected to be $620,000. C. Richardson asked that the property tax projection be changed to $600,000.

          Predicted revenue for sales and use tax is $725,000.

          C. Perry said that he would like to see a policy where the revenue projections are low and the surplus is put in the next year’s fiscal budget as a known, actual amount.

          Fiscal Year 2007 budget projection for building permit revenue was $450,000. Year-to-date actual is $220,000. The Council would like to see an analysis of the fees collected for basement inspections and how many inspections are left. C. Richardson would like to see the building permit refee projections reduced from $20,000 to $15,000

          The budgeted revenues for 2007 were just over $3 million and projections for 2008 is $2.894 million.

          American Fork water fees still need to be billed for this year. The Council would like to see a line item to show revenue from water restriction enforcement. Fiscal Year 2007 sewer fees are lower than expected.

Council Discussion:

          C. Richardson asked staff to consider a budget retreat where the entire budget is reviewed at once.

          C. Perry likes the idea of doing it a bit at a time to give Council Members time to consider and think about it. Konrad Hildebrandt said that it would be possible to do it all at once, but staff would need time to get everything together all at once.


8.         City Manager Report and Discussion (9:23 p.m.)


          The Utah League of Cities and Towns convention agenda is available. Those interested in attending need to let Konrad Hildebrandt know.

          The Alpine School District luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, March 7. Mayors, councils and city managers are invited.

          Manila Water wants to dissolve. Their board meets tomorrow night. Cedar Hills has a court injunction against Manila Water because the previous proposed division of assets was inequitable. The Council would like to meet with Bob Eddington on this issue.

          The golf course reconfiguration amendment will be done by this Friday.


Board and Committee Reports (9:36 p.m.)


          C. Maxwell: He thinks the golf course reconfiguration has a 90% chance of passing.

          C. Bowman: A resident has called about pageant participation. C. Perry said that pageants have been discussed in the past and it has been decided it would be a better idea for Cedar Hills to fund its own scholarship with the money it would otherwise use toward pageants. C. Wright suggested that those that want to participate in pageants may pay the cost for the City to participate. She has been e-mailing updates of information about the Family Festival to the Mayor and Council and will continue to do so. If anyone has feedback or questions they can e-mail her back, which some have already done. Mayor McGee said he would like to see the Family Festival Dino Dig continue. C. Perry would like every member of the Council and the Mayor to participate in the Gorilla Mile.

          C. Perry: The frivolous lawsuits against UTOPIA were dismissed in exchange for UTOPIA agreeing to abide by certain principles that they were already abiding by. The Youth City Council had a party with Alpine and Highland Youth City Councils. He would like the Youth City Council to have parent advisors. C. Perry will be meeting with Pleasant Grove City about the boundary adjustment. He will be collaborating with Mark Atwood, Pleasant Grove City Council Member, on an information flyer.

          C. Richardson: The Planning Commission will meet Thursday, March 8, for the preliminary on the Philips Edison development. C. Perry said that the City needs to take a good look at the traffic study.

C. Maxwell and C. Richardson excused 9:58


10.       Motion to go into Executive Session, Pursuant to Utah State Code 52-4-5 

11.       Motion to Adjourn Executive Session and Reconvene City Council Meeting

            No Executive Session.


12.       Adjourn


This meeting was adjourned at 9:59 p.m. on a motion by C. Wright, seconded by C. Bowman and unanimously approved.


/s/ Kim E. Holindrake

Kim E. Holindrake, City Recorder

Approved by Council:

    March 20, 2007