Tuesday, February 1, 2005 6:00 p.m.

Public Safety Building

3925 W Cedar Hills Drive, Cedar Hills, Utah

Present:           Mayor Mike McGee, Presiding

Council Members: Melissa Willie, Darin Lowder, Jim Perry, James Parker, Rob Fotheringham

                        Konrad Hildebrandt, City Manager

                        Kim Holindrake, City Recorder

                        Courtney Hammond, City Meeting Transcriber

                        David Bunker, City Engineer



1.         This Work Session of the City Council of the City of Cedar Hills, having been posted throughout the City and the press notified, was called to Order by Mayor McGee.


2.         Noticed Agenda Items for this Regular Council Meeting

          Public Hearing regarding the Compensation Plan. Issue regarding coverage in the Recorder’s Department.

          Community Services Director moved and this position needs to be filled.

          Audit - Tabled previously.

          Planning Commission Appointment - Donald Steele

          Family First Event

          Contracting for a City Attorney - Three applications to review, Brian Greene with Bonewell, Morris & Greene; John Brems with Parsons Kinghorn Harris; and Craig Smith & Eric Johnson with Smith Hartvigsen.


3.         Engineering Report and Discussion

            Not discussed.


4.         Department Presentations

            See handouts. Presentation made by the City Manager.


5.         This meeting was adjourned at 6:58 p.m. by Mayor McGee.


/s/ Kim E. Holindrake

Kim E. Holindrake, City Recorder