Tuesday, September 5, 2006 6:00 p.m.

Public Safety Building

3925 W Cedar Hills Drive, Cedar Hills, Utah

Present:           Mayor Mike McGee, Presiding

Council Members: Joel Wright, Jim Perry, Eric Richardson, Charelle Bowman, Darin Lowder (6:39 p.m.)

                        Konrad Hildebrandt, City Manager

Kim Holindrake, City Recorder

                        Courtney Hammond, City Meeting Transcriber

                        Brad Kearl, Chief Building Official

                        Jeff Marg, Field Inspector

                        David Bunker, City Engineer (6:44 p.m.)

Others: Ted Knowlton - Envision Utah, Stephanie Martinez (6:38 p.m.), Trisha Atkinson (6:47 p.m.)


1.         This meeting of the City Council of the City of Cedar Hills, having been posted throughout the City and the press notified, was called to order at 6:12 p.m. by Mayor McGee.

2.         Building Department Report (6:13 p.m.)


Brad Kearl discussed the procedure for scheduling building inspections. The schedule was backing up last month. Until a year ago, the Building Department allowed people to schedule as far in advance as they wanted. At times, the schedule was two weeks ahead of time. Builders were scheduling inspections too far in advance and weren’t ready on the day of their appointment. The Building Department restructured last July by going to 48-hour scheduling. Builders get frustrated because when the schedule is full, they need to call back the next day. This summer, the Building Department has run into builders who are on a fast track, are not properly educated, and are not passing inspections. The result is an above-average number of re-inspections, which more than doubled the inspection requests. If there is another snag in inspection scheduling, Brad Kearl will do some of the inspections. Staff will come up with a proposal for increased fees for re-inspections.

Brad Kearl mentioned that the code is not always black and white, but inspectors are licensed to interpret the code.

3.         Presentation by Envision Utah (6:36 p.m.)


Ted Knowlton gave a presentation introducing Envision Utah. Envision Utah is an independent, nonprofit entity with both public and private interests that promotes quality growth. Its emphasis includes, air quality, water quality, land use, community friendly economic development, housing choices, and traffic choices. It helps communities figure out where they want to be long term. It has special expertise in promoting community involvement and working with multi-jurisdictional issues. It will do training on any of the seven key topics that Envision Utah promotes.

C. Perry asked Mr. Knowlton to address the problem that Cedar Hills has, being a small community, with little voice on the larger scale of county or state with such issues as traffic congestion and public transportation. Mr. Knowlton said that Envision Utah has a good relationship with MAG. He also suggested that Cedar Hills start talking to neighboring communities to see if there is an appetite to work on a multi-jurisdictional level. C. Richardson would like a presentation on the Quality Growth Award and where Cedar Hills stands on the requirements for the award.


4.         This meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor McGee.


/s/ Kim E. Holindrake

Kim E. Holindrake, City Recorder