Tuesday, September 19, 2006 6:00 p.m.

Public Safety Building

3925 W Cedar Hills Drive, Cedar Hills, Utah

Present:           Mayor Mike McGee, Presiding

                        Council Members: Jim Perry, Darin Lowder, Charelle Bowman

                        Konrad Hildebrandt, City Manager

                        Kim Holindrake, City Recorder

                        David Bunker, City Engineer

                        Courtney Hammond, City Meeting Transcriber

Others: Alice Osborne, Nathan Clark, Stanley Smith (6:40 p.m.), Stuart Johnson (6:55 p.m.), Joan Bingham (6:55 p.m.), Howard Bingham (6:55 p.m.)


1.         This meeting of the City Council of the City of Cedar Hills, having been posted throughout the City and the press notified, was called to order at 6:14 p.m. by Mayor McGee.


2.         Presentation by Children’s Way (6:14 p.m.)


See handouts. Alice Osborne the program director for Children’s Way gave a presentation on the program. Children’s Way is a national nonprofit family advocacy organization and is starting its launch in Utah. It works to protect children from child pornography predators and pedophiles. Predators target children ages 7–12. The average age of pornography exposure on the Internet is 11; pornography is now the #1 reason for divorce. Children’s Way works with elementary schools, PTAs and businesses and brings the program Half Hour to Empower into schools to teach Internet safety tips. Ms. Osborne asked the Council to give the program its stamp of approval. PTA mothers will soon be asking businesses in the community to sponsor the program to get it implemented into the school system. Children’s Way also promotes community service. The school PTA gets 40% of the money raised through sponsorship.

3.         Noticed agenda items for this Regular Council Meeting (6:32 p.m.)


          Review/Action on Landscaping Plan for Bridgestone, Plat D, Detention Pond - The detention pond has been re-engineered because it was inadequate. The homeowners have asked for different landscaping in the basin; there is a gravel field in the bottom. Part of the basin will be cobblestoned and grass, juniper shrubs and trees are also planned. The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) will maintain the area.

A homeowner expressed concern about the height of the junipers and how closely they are spaced together. The City Council would like a letter from the HOA that says it agrees to the change before approving the change. Stanley Smith of the HOA said that the HOA is requesting the plan not be approved because the original plan called for turf with a slope that can be maintained with ride-on lawn mowing equipment. They also feel that the current slopes of the basin are difficult to maintain. David Bunker said that there is a legitimate need for the basin to be deeper because the percolation rate was not correct. The Council recommended that the developer and the HOA meet to discuss the proposed plan and come to an agreement.


4.         This meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor McGee.