Tuesday, June 5, 2007 6:00 p.m.

Public Safety Building

3925 W Cedar Hills Drive, Cedar Hills, Utah


Present:           Mayor Mike McGee, Presiding

                        Council Members: Charelle Bowman, Jim Perry, Eric Richardson, Gary Maxwell

                        Konrad Hildebrandt, City Manager

                        Greg Robinson, Assistant to City Manager

                        Kim Holindrake, City Recorder

                        Gretchen Gordon, Deputy City Recorder (6:45 p.m.)

                        Rich Knapp, Finance Director

                        Rachel Brown, Assistant to City Manager

                        Shawn Richins, Police Sergeant

Others: Rodney Despain, Karissa Neely, Robert Ogden (6:42 p.m.), Roxy Ogden (6:42 p.m.), Caleb Warnick (6:55 p.m.)


1.         This meeting of the City Council of the City of Cedar Hills, having been posted throughout the City and the press notified, was called to order at 6:13 p.m. by Mayor McGee.


2.         Recognize Rodney Despain, City Planner (6:13 p.m.)


Kim Holindrake gave a brief history of Cedar Hills and the service that Rodney Despain has rendered. Mayor McGee presented Rodney Despain with a Cedar Hills blanket and briefly spoke. Rodney Despain was given a moment to share his feelings about his work with Cedar Hills over the years. C. Richardson concluded the presentation with his remarks.


3.         Report on Fiscal Year 2008 Budget (July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008) (6:23 p.m.)


See handouts.

          Water/Sewer Fund: Analysis was done on the request for a skid steer on leasing or buying. There is $31,000 in the General Fund; financing for five years would be $7,000 per year. C. Perry asked how often one has been used. Rich Knapp indicated that the cost has been $200 to rent for one day of use at the golf course. The skid steer is used for cleaning out the golf ponds and other areas of the City. C. Richardson stated that $10,000 for a skid steer and trailer just this year would allow for a lot of rental use. Additionally, there is the cost of tires, fuel, maintenance, etc. if the City purchases instead of rents. He doesn’t doubt there are projects it could be used for, but he would like more information on why it is needed and financing options. Konrad Hildebrandt stated that a skid steer was used in Heritage Park when there was a water line break and it can go places and do things better than other pieces of equipment. C. Maxwell stated that he wasn’t opposed to the purchase, but said if a bobcat could be used rather than a backhoe, the cost is less on maintenance. C. Richardson wanted to have more analysis done. Rich Knapp said that there are three options: 1) Take the item out and do a budget amendment later, 2) Leave it in, or 3) Not purchase the skid steer at all.

          Capital Projects: The plan to pay for Mesquite Park and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BOSH). Konrad Hildebrandt stated that there was confusion on the actual costs of the park as well as how things will be funded. After those two projects, funds will be collected through impact fees.

          There is a major issue in the City’s philosophy on estimating revenues. Historically, the City has been very conservative on revenues and liberal on expenditures. The City has typically been positive on revenue over expenditures. State law only allows the City to maintain 18% over revenues in the General Fund. Currently, the City takes excess and put it in a Capital Projects Fund and has just less than $1 million in that fund. The proposal is to take $700,000 to do the Mesquite Park and BOSH projects. In addition, there are items in the Capital Projects plan. C. Perry stated that it is important to get Timpanogos Cove Park and Mesquite Park done. There is a concern on how this will affect other capital projects going forward. Konrad Hildebrandt indicated that various projects are funded through different sources. The last, large park projects are Harvey Park and BOSH 3. C. Richardson wanted to know if B & C funds could be used on the park. Konrad Hildebrandt stated that staff is currently analyzing the City streets to determine eligible funds from B & C; this is accrued money.

          C. Perry stated that he does not support raising the Mayor and Council salaries. He stated that no one has ever run for the money. Most candidates don’t even know that you are paid. Konrad Hildebrandt stated that the current proposal would be to double the salaries to $400 for Council and $1,000 for Mayor. C. Bowman stated that Cedar Hills is very low compared to other cities. C. Perry stated that it isn’t a question of what other cities do; it is a sacred trust when the City takes money from the residents. Discussion on whether $500 is adequate compensation for the Mayor and $250 for the Council. For some, money is not the issue, but it could become an issue for a different set of individuals. C. Maxwell lead a discussion to determine what increase the Council would find acceptable. C. Perry stated that $100 more per position would be the most that he would support. He stated that in good conscience; he does not feel that this is best spent on compensation. C. Maxwell proposed a 50% increase. Mayor McGee stated that he has personally raised $35,000 for the Family Festival and he hasn’t seen anyone else lift a finger regarding this. C. Richardson stated that he doesn’t want to see people more qualified than he that would not run because it would not compensate them for their time. The Council and Mayor get some benefit for their position.


4.         Noticed agenda items for this Regular Council Meeting


No discussion.


5.         Motion to go into Executive Session, Pursuant to Utah State Code 52-4-205

            No Executive Session held.


6.         Motion to Adjourn Executive Session and Reconvene Work Session


7.         This meeting was adjourned at 7:04 p.m. by Mayor McGee.


                                                                                    Kim E. Holindrake, City Recorder